Resolving care of Children Disputes after 31 March 2014

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Family Legal Advice Service - Dissolution of Marriage

Family Legal Advice Service How to get some free legal advice about your legal options and help to fill out court forms. On this page: What does the Family Legal Advice Service cover? ...
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Process Services We Provide

Do you have any legal document that needs to be served to a person involved in your case? Do you need help locating a witness? Are you worried about your safety following a traumatic experience involving violence? Perhaps you are wondering how you can start court proceedings without the presence of the other party. Auckland Process Servers Ltd may help you by serving all legal documents on particular individuals.

We offer professional process service across the Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty area. Discuss your requirements with one of our process servers today. Provide all the information you have, including the name, address and other important details so we can get the job done fast. We can help with:

  • Location of Individuals
  • Private/Discreet Investigation
  • Document Serving

We serve different types of documents, including:

  • Bankruptcy Notices– We deliver notice of bankruptcy to the address provided by the client, and we make sure the recipient accepts the document and sign the proof of service.
  • Protection Orders– Our process servers will help you gain the necessary protection by serving Protection Orders to the intended recipient.
  • Family Court Documents– We serve documents for violence orders, custody of children and dissolution of marriage.
  • Final Demand Notices and Statutory Demands– We deliver these documents to speed up the process of debt collection and recovery.
  • Trespass Notices– Our legal document services include finding the recipients and making them sign the affidavit of service.
  • Employment Court Documents– We help settle employment disputes by serving documents provided by the Employment Court.
  • Civil Court Documents– One of our staff will serve the notice of claims, counterclaims and restraining orders to the right recipient so you can start the civil court proceedings as soon as possible.

Do you have questions about our legal process services? Contact us and we will provide the information you need right away.