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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose our service?
    We provide a comprehensive, professional, affordable service. You will be updated each step of the way and can be assured your case will be handled tactfully, discreetly and in the strictest confidence. Our Online facility will allow you to follow the progress of your instructions to us, with updates logged within minutes of action being undertaken on your case.
  • What do I need to send?
    If you are unsure send us all the documents the court, legal process or other entity has provided you (including but not limited to Solicitors). We will return any documents not required to complete effective service under the type of action being taken (copies of all documents received are available on our Online System specific to your personalised, encrypted and secure login).
  • How long will it take for my documents to be served?
    We guarantee attempted service within the first 24 hours of receipt of the documents you send to us. The time for successful service largely depends on a number of factors, if not successful on our first attempt we always aim to serve the subject as quickly as possible, the more information you supply the faster our service should be able to be effected. For example, if you can supply a home and work address for the subject it will increase the likelihood of an increased speed of service, and as our cost is fully inclusive of visits to multiple addresses, within the same region, it will not cost you any more money.
  • What information would be helpful?
    The more information you can readily supply us the faster and more efficient we can execute your instructions to us. For instance does the person work, if so, when and where? Do they have a vehicle? Please supply their vehicle registration, make and model. Do they regularly attend clubs or meetings (when and where)? Are they likely to accept service of the documents; if you have a recent photograph this is extremely helpful, especially if they are unlikely to accept the service of documents, this ensures we are serving the correct subject. Is there any history of violence, this is so our agents can ensure they are prepared for any circumstance.
  • What happens after my documents are served?
    We will notify you electronically and if requested by text or a phone call. If an Affidavit of Service is required this will then be sworn by the agent that has effected the service and either returned to you or filed at Court, an electronic copy of the sworn document will be held on our system.
  • What happens if the Process Server is unable to serve the documents?
    Our agents will attempt a maximum of 5 visits in total to one or multiple addresses, if service is not able to be effected within these 5 visits our agent will provide you with a detailed report outlining the addresses visited, dates and times of attempted service (this is also electronically logged in our Online System). A special affidavit will be sworn so you can apply to have the documents served by way of Substituted Service (served on another individual other than the subject that is reasonably believed to be in contact with the subject). If the subject has left the address or can not be located we can perform a Skip Trace on the subject in an attempt to locate them for service. We offer a "No Find - No Fee" location service, an additional service fee will be charged should service of the documents be required to the new address obtained by our Skip Trace team..
  • Can I set up an account with you?
    Yes, please contact us for our payment terms regardless of being an Individual or Corporate Entity. Talk to us about our volume discount for ongoing referrals.
  • How do I trespass someone?
    A Click HERE to find out more
  • Why Choose Us?
    We have male and female Process Servers. Licensed Private Investigators Professional Service Confidentiality is assured Step by step communication and support Leave us to take the worry out of an already stressful situation
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