Resolving care of Children Disputes after 31 March 2014

Resolving care of children disputes after 31 March 2014   How the family justice system can help you agree on care arrangements for your children after 31 March 2014.   The f...
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We serve documents including

Family Court Documents

Service of documents relating to family court matters

Protection Orders

Service of documents relating to protection orders

Civil Court Documents

Service of documents relating to civil court matters

Bankruptcy Notices

Service of documents relating to bankruptcy notices

Welcome to Auckland Process Servers Ltd

Auckland Process Servers
Professional, reliable, tactful and discreet. Auckland Process Servers

We are a team of experienced process and document servers in Auckland. We draw from our extensive experience to provide you the most reliable and efficient service. Whether you want legal documents served to the recipient fast or you need help finding someone involved in your case, our private investigators will get the job done in a discreet and professional manner.

The law states that all citizens have the right to know if any legal action is taken against them. This should be in the form of a legal document, which should be delivered in person. As professional process servers, we are responsible for delivering legal documents or notices to the recipients. It is our job to make sure the documents reach their destinations on time.

In some cases, people refuse to accept legal documents; they choose to hide or relocate to avoid court proceedings. Call us and let our private investigators do the process serving for you. These professionals will work as carefully and discreetly as possible to find the person and serve him or her with papers.